Artist Statements

In particular I am interested in how people receive one another. Crossing boundaries in family units, communities and countries around the globe all have challenges. At these crossings what do we pass on: indifference and fear or compassion and empathy? My recent work explores movement and migration crossing boundaries. Both animals and people move around the globe in new ways. Birds’ migratory patterns, and even their bodies, are changing in reaction to rising global temperatures. Depleted environmental resources narrow their chances of survival. As a parallel, climate and social change threatens human populations. People around the world are migrating in hopes of survival, trying to adapt. What is passed on to all beings as they cross any boundary is crucial to our future.
The bird is one of many markers reflecting the health of our planet, a symbol of the human spirit, and the core of my visual language.

It is important to me that each drawing, sculpture, or process work be able to stand alone, yet it is in unifying them as one installation that they become stronger still. Similarly, we as humans can and must work together, acknowledging our interconnectedness with each other and with nonhuman beings, to protect the future of the planet.