Philana Oliphant’s work includes drawings, sculpture, installations and prints. She combines complex, intricate mark-making and paper-cutting with elegant three-dimensional forms to evoke a meditative, physiological response: the rhythmic sound of graphite on Duralar or a blade cutting through Yupo. Her highly detailed, palimpsestic works explore time and memory, as well as environmental change, loss, and repetition.
Her work has appeared nationally for thirty years and is included in several permanent collections, including the Artist Printmaker Research Collection at Texas Tech University and the Wichita Falls Museum of Art. Recently her work was exhibited in Marking Space/Holding Time, Irving Arts Center, Irving Texas, the AMoA 600 Biennial at the Amarillo Museum of Art, Texas, and her solo exhibition Wingload in
KSpace Contemporary in Corpus Christi Texas.

Originally from the Texas panhandle, she now lives and works in East Texas, where she shares the forest and a studio with her husband and three rescue dogs.