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Grapite on Handcut Duralar
96" x 46" x 14"
Salvage (detail)
Graphite on Duralar
14" x 8"
Heartwood (with Deadbird List)
Hand Cut Yupo, Rives BFK, Graphite
Including drawing 11'x 4'
Heartwood (Detail)
Hand cut Yupo
Sapwood And Crow
Hand Cut Yupo, Steel
62" x 18" x 14"
Litho Crayon, Hand Cut Duralar,Steel
30" x 64" x 27"
Yesterday/Tomorrow (detail)
Litho Crayon, Hand Cut Duralar
To The Bone
Porcelain, Titanium, Steel
25" x 10" x 7"
Hand Cut Duralar,Hand Cut Yupo,Graphite, Ink,Steel
28 x 10 x 12
Forced Bloom
Hand Cut Yupo
42 x 34 x 16
55 Years
Graphite on handcut Duralar
55 Years (Detail)
Duralar, Graphite
55 Years (Detail)
Duralar, Graphite
I Am the Tornado
Dyed Rives BFK,Bleach, Duralar, Graphite, Museum board
26" x 11 x 8"
I am The Tornado (detail)
Duralar, Graphite
Split Decision (I Am the Tornado series)
Steel,Hand Cut Duralar and Yupo, Graphite
18"x 38"x 4"
Echos Backyard
Yupo (Hand Cut)
64" x 24' x 20"
Echos Backyard
Yupo (Hand Cut)
Echos Backyard
Yupo (Hand cut)
I See Blue Sky
Yupo (Hand Cut)
17" x 7" x 3"
Duralar,Graphite (Hand Cut)
22" x 9" x 5"
Release (Detail)
Duralar, Graphite
Birth of a Virtue
Steel,hand cut Yupo Paper
104 Years
Etched Steel, hand cut Yupo Paper
Steel,hand cut Yupo paper
Parallel Universes II
Duralar,Ink,Spray Paint,Graphite
20" x 28"x 60" (variable)
Phase In Phase Out
Steel, Yupo
40"x 17" x 8"
Stringy Haired Girls
Steel, Duralar, Graphite
36"x 10"x 58"
My Sister
Steel, Yupo, Duralar, Graphite
60"x 12"x 8"
Memory 1972
Steel, Duralar, Yupo, Ink, Graphite
42"x16"x 8"
Wing Load
57"x 29"x 6
Furcula Graft
86"x 17"x 8"
Furcula Graft (detail)
Steel,Yupo, Duralar, Graphite
Up Draft
Museum Board,Bleach.Graphite,Shellac
48" x 13" x 5"
Wall Cloud
Rives BFK,Dye,Bleach,Graphite, Wire
30"x16"x 6"
Soul Mates
Relief Print,Embossed Paper
18"x 22"x 7"
Path Not Destination
Relief Print,Embossed Paper
26"x 31"x 9"
Practicing Eternity
35' x 5' x 14"
Rocks or Water
wood museum board,paper and charcoal