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Graphite on Hand Cut Yupo and Duralar, other mixed media on steel
60" x 36" x 30"
Salvage (detail)
Graphite on Duralar
14" x 8"
Sky Diver's Song
Relief print with mixed media
60 x 14" x 9"
Heartwood (with Deadbird List)
Hand Cut Yupo, Rives BFK, Graphite
Including drawing 11'x 4'
Heartwood (Detail)
Hand cut Yupo
Litho Crayon, Hand Cut Duralar,Steel
30" x 64" x 27"
Yesterday/Tomorrow (detail)
Litho Crayon, Hand Cut Duralar
To The Bone
Porcelain, Titanium, Steel
25" x 10" x 7"
Hand Cut Duralar,Hand Cut Yupo,Graphite, Ink,Steel
28 x 10 x 12
Forced Bloom
Hand Cut Yupo
42 x 34 x 16
55 Years
Graphite on handcut Duralar
55 Years (Detail)
Duralar, Graphite
55 Years (Detail)
Duralar, Graphite
I Am the Tornado
Dyed Rives BFK,Bleach, Duralar, Graphite, Museum board
26" x 11 x 8"
I am The Tornado (detail)
Duralar, Graphite
Split Decision (I Am the Tornado series)
Steel,Hand Cut Duralar and Yupo, Graphite
18"x 38"x 4"
Echos Backyard
Yupo (Hand Cut)
64" x 24' x 20"
Echos Backyard
Yupo (Hand Cut)
Echos Backyard
Yupo (Hand cut)
I See Blue Sky
Yupo (Hand Cut)
17" x 7" x 3"
Duralar,Graphite (Hand Cut)
22" x 9" x 5"
Release (Detail)
Duralar, Graphite
Birth of a Virtue
Steel,hand cut Yupo Paper
104 Years
Etched Steel, hand cut Yupo Paper
Steel,hand cut Yupo paper
Parallel Universes II
Duralar,Ink,Spray Paint,Graphite
20" x 28"x 60" (variable)
Phase In Phase Out
Steel, Yupo
40"x 17" x 8"
Stringy Haired Girls
Steel, Duralar, Graphite
36"x 10"x 58"
Memory 1972
Steel, Duralar, Yupo, Ink, Graphite
42"x16"x 8"
Wing Load
57"x 29"x 6
Furcula Graft
86"x 17"x 8"
Furcula Graft (detail)
Steel,Yupo, Duralar, Graphite
Up Draft
Museum Board,Bleach.Graphite,Shellac
48" x 13" x 5"
Wall Cloud
Rives BFK,Dye,Bleach,Graphite, Wire
30"x16"x 6"
Soul Mates
Relief Print,Embossed Paper
18"x 22"x 7"
Path Not Destination
Relief Print,Embossed Paper
26"x 31"x 9"
Practicing Eternity
35' x 5' x 14"
Rocks or Water
wood museum board,paper and charcoal